Affordable Water Treatments of Manitoba


Customer phone calls, emails, conversations, questions, complaints, and praise engrain itself on your brain. Working with, and talking to people about water softeners for as long as I have, you learn a thing or two. You start to realize that you’ve amassed a large database of what people want in their water softener, and what they expect from their service provider.


So when I decided to write this article, it was pretty easy to sit down and go over the things we had to cover for people looking to purchase a water softener. When your focus is on water treatment and that’s all you do, things that are of a concern to the average consumer, are questions and concerns we deal with daily at Affordable Water Treatments.


It’s difficult putting your trust in a service provider you might not know, and hope for the best. Trying to buy something that you’re not familiar with, and that you don’t quite understand, can be frustrating, and confusing. Being a consumer as well I know what that feels like. So I’m really excited to draw on my past experiences with my customers – to help you, the consumer, to be able to make an informed decision about which water softener they are going to purchase.


 I’m not claiming to be the world’s final say on anything and everything to do with water softeners. Having said that, I’m in the business of helping people find a water softener that will meet there needs, and fit their budget.
I hope you find this guide useful in your search for a water softener.

The most often asked questions are

What Size do I need?
What Brand should I buy?
What kind of warranty comes with it?
Can it be repaired, are parts readily available?
In the following articles in this series we will answer these as well as other questions.