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May 29, 2019

I moved into my first home in Oakbank, but learned that the water softener was non-functional. I called Affordable, and they were able to send someone out to look at the one we had (It was Not Repairable) and give a recommendation on next steps. Within the week, I had a new water softener/iron remover. The tech that came out was extremely friendly, and stepped me through the repairs / changes he made. Not only that, but he also mentioned that their water equipment comes with a 10 year warranty which was fully transferable to the new owners should we sell the house. That’s fantastic!

These guys are great, and they’re local. 1st experience with them, and would absolutely recommend.

Darrek Frose

Feb 18,2019

During the design phase of our home, it was important to us to find a whole house water treatment system. John, recommended a water softener and carbon filtration system that would soften and filter the water supply to the entire house . Today, we enjoy softened/filtered water from every faucet and shower head. No more hard water rings in the toilets or hard water build up on our faucets or shower heads. And, no additional separate faucets for “drinking” water. My wife often comments we have better water in East St. Paul than we had in the city. We Love It! Affordable water gave us great guidance and service.

Steven Schreyer

Nov 27,2018

The Service Team at Affordable Water Treatments is wonderful! The water in my home was becoming unbearable, and this was certainly not my area of expertise. They were knowledgeable, friendly, and most importantly flexible when working with my crazy schedule. The install was much faster than I expected, and he took the time to explain the long term maintenance to ensure that I will have the same great results down the road. Supporting a local business was an important factor in my choice to go with Affordable, and I am so glad that I did! I would highly recommend Affordable Water , thank you all for your help!

Marty Schulz

April 20, 2018

Our experience with Affordable Water Treatments was that of a five star company. They were exceptionally responsive in analyzing and solving a severe water quality issue with our well water. Within 48 hours our new water treatment system was installed, operational and with excellent water quality results. We have used other water treatment companies and none could compare to Affordable Water Treatments in  St. Andrews We highly recommend this professional company.

Cindy klassen

July 23, 2017

Great customer service ; Excellent pricing ; Very well informed on the products that they offer. I dealt with John and he was just super! He took the time to explain all of the available options to me so that I’d be able to find the best and most affordable plan for my needs. Richard came and installed the equipment and he was just flawless! The softener was installed to perfection with little or no mess at all! I’m glad that I found Affordable Water , since that is who I’ll be giving my business to moving forward. I only wish that I had found them sooner, so that I could have avoided the nonsense from the former company that I had been using for the last 10 years. Better late than never though….as they say! I would highly recommend Affordable to anyone looking to have water filters installed. Very professional…..and most of all….all about CUSTOMER SERVICE….and that’s something that is hard to find these days. Thanks to John and Richard!

Calvin Forbes

Jan 18, 2017

I am very satisfied with the service and recommend them to anyone looking for an honest company to work with. I went with Affordable Water  because of a neighbour who loved their work and commented that they were not a high pressure sales type of company. John worked with me to meet my needs within my budget. There was no-hassle, no sales pressure and overall a very pleasant experience. I will use Affordable Water for all future water softer issues.

Fred Upsala