Quality water boosts health and immunity

Our body’s immune system is the first line of defense against diseases. Water is one of our secret weapons for staying healthy. When we want to boost our immunity, adequate rest, healthy eating, stress-free life, and enough vitamins come to mind. You are advised to drink plenty of fluids, the most important being water. Appropriate hydration andhigh-quality drinking waterhelp you prepare for the flu season, eliminates the common cold, and generallymaintain your breathing system.


The risk of dehydration

The body is made of 70% water, indicating that failing to drink enough water can result in serious health consequences. Dehydration happens when the body uses more fluids than it takes in. Mayo Clinic gives out the symptoms of dehydration as extreme thirst, dizziness, dry mouth, fatigue, and nausea. The danger of dehydration is more in aged people whose bodies conserve less water and are often unaware when they are thirsty.

According to several research studies, dehydration has a negative impact on the immunity system. A study conducted involving astronauts discovered that dehydration caused by long flights affects the proper function of the immune system. Also, medical sports research shows that the immune system of marathon runners is suppressed by dehydration.

When a person’s immune system works hard to fight an infection or illness, the person is more likely dehydrated. The conditions that make you dehydrated include diarrhea, persistent vomiting, and sweating from high fever. Expertsexplain that infectionsdraw water out of the body as more is used to make mucus to keep away germs. Medications for flu and cold also contribute to dehydration.


Advantages of staying hydrated

Water helps the functioning of the body in several ways. Itaids in blood circulation, digestion, and protection of organs. It is also responsible for the proper running of all body systems. You need to stay hydrated because:

It helps maintain proper energy levels. Dehydration may make you feel drained; you need to drink enough water to boost your energy level. Also, you are advised to stay hydrated when doing exercises. Water helps supply oxygen to muscles, the brain, and other organs. Water acts as a lubricant in the muscles and around the joints. Youcan keepworking for longer, perform more complex tasks, and move without tiring or cramping up.

It boosts your mental health.Drinking enough water supports the healthy functioning of the brain and thus helps improve your mood. The world psychiatry journal, published in 2018, shows that proper hydration reduces the risk of depression in adults. In the journal, one expert stated that he looked for water first when he was overwhelmed by painful anxiety symptoms or negative feelings. The water did not erase his emotions but helped relieve the negative feelings. Hydration is not asubstitute for mental healthcare practices, such as seeing a psychiatrist and therapist. However, ensuring you are hydrated during depression and anxiety periods helps regulate your mood.

Many studies also indicate a direct link between dehydration and stress. Lack of enough water in your body can increase cortisol, a stress hormone that weakens the immune system.

Staying hydrated is essential for the heart’s health. When your body is dehydrated, the blood volume decreases. The blood becomes thicker, making it hard for the circulatory system to pump blood to all body parts. This leads to increased blood pressure since the heart is forced to work faster and harder to pump blood. On the other hand, proper dehydration makes the heart lighter to pump efficiently.

Healthy Weight and Nutrition

Healthy Weight and Nutrition

The body’s immune system requires the right amount of nutrients to maintain its strength. Our primary source of nutrients is eating healthy foods, but we can acquire more from vitamin and mineral supplements. Still, appropriate hydration improves the uptake and deliveryof nutrients. Staying hydrated support the functioning of the digestive system. Water breaks down the food you eat so that the intestines can absorb the nutrients. When you drink water, both your large and small intestines absorb water, which is used to break down nutrients and move them to your bloodstream.

Water helps to maintain your healthy weight as well. Water has no calories; thus, a refreshing glass can curb your appetite throughout the day and make you feel more satisfied. Also, taking enough water can help you lose more calories. Also, according to experts, drinking cold water can temporarily boost your metabolism.

Water plays a crucial role in cleaning the body. It promotes kidney functions and carries toxins from the body. Taking in adequate water enables your body to excrete waste through urination, perspiration, and defecation. Water aids your kidney to eliminate waste from the blood and keeps the kidney blood vessels open to allow filtration.

Also, water helps your cardiovascular system transport nutrients and oxygen to cells in your whole body. The cells are the ones that help to produce the waste product. Water aids in transporting substances such as carbon dioxide and urea out of the body.

Healthy Living in the midst of the pandemic

People are going back to their routines, children are attending daycare or going to school, adults are returning to work, and we are now exposed to more germs than when westayed at home and observed social distance. Going back to a regular routine is essential as it gives the body a chance to defend itself from infections. Staying hydrated with drinking water of high quality helps in this defense. Health experts say that proper hydration can help fight covid 19 viruses. Those recovering from coronavirus at home should stay hydrated by taking enough fluids such as herbal tea and water and avoiding alcohol and caffeine.

Still, it is very easy to forget the importance of hydration in our daily lives. You should motivate your kids to take water and look for more effective ways of getting water into the body, for example drinking a hot beverage or soup. It is significantly easier to stay hydrated when you can access refreshing and clean drinking water. Water can contain contaminants that put your health at risk in some cases. Remember to only drink clean and treated water. There are several water treatment systems available that you can install into your water supply. The water quality differs based on where you stay.You require a local expert to guide you in getting the right solution for your home.