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June 8, 2020
The quality of our water was not what it had been when we first installed our softener. As most of my neighbors I had went with an Autotrol unit and wanted to hire somebody who knew how fix and maintenance them. The guy next door told me if your going to get somebody in get John. Called Affordable Water St Andrews. Scheduling was painless, Jamie pleasantly scheduled me right away, service tech called in the morning as planned to give me a ball park time and called again about 15 minutes out. He was running right on time. Points for that. John came out, was organized and efficient. Spent a few minutes discussing my drop off in water quality, went right to work solving the problem. Performed service on the unit, found the issue and addressed it. Didn’t try to oversell me, didn’t try to up sell me. The service call was within the minimum time and price quoted and the parts were minimal. I had a slew of questions which John answered comfortably and confidently. Feel I received good service, good response, good answers and I’m pleased with the experience.
Max Spenser
Mar 12,2020
John from Affordable Water was helpful and knowledgeable and an easy technician to talk to. He broke everything down in terms of what had to be done with my system so I could understand it fully. He not only knows about water softeners /Iron filters, but also how to properly install them. Another company installed a whole house filtration system. John said it was not in the correct position and did the proper adjustments. The uneven pressure problems we were experiencing were fixed, after having three other companies who didn’t see the problem. What a relief! I have complete trust in Affordable Water Treatment, and their service people, and would definitely recommend them.
Fran Doerkson
Dec 15, 2019
For our water softener / iron filter and reverse osmosis drinking water system with Affordable Water Treatments in St. Andrews and are satisfied. The customers service, communication, and consulting they did for us on both jobs was excellent. Thanks!
Lane Philips
Oct 21, 2019
Affordable Water Treatments gave me excellent service and I am really happy with the results. Some time ago, I worked for a water treatment company for a few years and knew a little about water problems and treatment options. I invited two companies to quote on my job, Affordable Water and one other company. Affordable was very thorough, John (owner) explained everything to me, actually TESTED my water, showed me what the results meant and explained to me that with the little amount of iron I had in the water I only needed a water softener. He was very thorough in sizing the equipment and showed me the best place to install it.  Greg the installer came out and did a thorough job, paid attention to all the little details installing it and it looks awesome (I often show it off to friends and family). The other company I got a quote from,  ( through Costco) didn’t even test my water (which I found odd), took a quick look at the water in my toilet tank and told me we had iron bacteria and that we should probably drink bottled water until we got a proper water treatment system. When I said I was getting another quote, they actually tried to get me to sign a contract right then, which they said I could cancel within 7 days. I don’t like being pressured it makes me feel uncomfortable, something I never felt in dealing with John or anybody at Affordable. They said there was a 5% rebate available through Costco that was only good through the end of the year in less than three weeks. Even though their quote was for a softener and an iron filter it was more then 5 times as much as the Affordable quote. They did ask about the other company (Affordable) and actually spoke very negatively about them. I did not appreciate the scare tactics, or the bad attitude they expressed towards their competitor and the lack of respect for my intelligence. As far as Affordable Water, I would recommend them over and over again. I would give them 10 stars if it were an option. I LOVE my water now. Thanks John and the rest of the team at Affordable.
Karen Tyluk