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Hard Water vs Soft Water

In looking at the things that hard water does in your home let’s first look at what makes water hard. There are many minerals found in hard water, however, the two minerals that build up to create what is called lime or calcium buildups are calcium and magnesium. You probably recognize them as minerals that are used in […]

Why is My Reverse Osmosis Water Flow Slow

Why is Your Reverse Osmosis Water Flow Slow? Many people consider reverse osmosis systems as the best water filtration systems out there. Many experts agree that it’s one of the most efficient systems for water purification. It removes all types of contaminants, including dirt particles, pesticides, nitrates, bacteria, fluoride, arsenic, sulphates, pharmaceuticals, and many more. […]

Why Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis has also become the water purification method of choice for drinking water in many households and bottling plants throughout the world. No wonder, as reverse osmosis is the best and most efficient method to purify polluted and undesirable water into pure and tasty water. Why purify water? Children and adults need to drink […]

Drinking Water Systems

Reverse Osmosis HOW DOES REVERSE OSMOSIS WORK? Reverse osmosis systems purify water by forcing pressurized water through a very fine, plastic membrane. Clean water passes through and impurities that are too big to pass through the membrane are left behind and flushed away. STAGES OF REVERSE OSMOSIS Water that contains manganese, hydrogen sulphide or iron […]

Safely Remove Fluoride From Drinking Water

Removing Fluoride from Drinking Water Fluoride is added to piped public water supplies as a public health measure. Many scientists agree that adding fluoride to drinking water prevents and controls dental decay. Dentists universally regard fluoride as beneficial for oral health because it helps prevent teeth cavities. However, scientists disagree on whether ingesting fluoride directly […]

Does Hard Water Effect Skin & Hair?

The water in your house may be the reason why you suffer from itchy skin and dry hair. Hard water can transform your hair from soft and smooth to rough and brittle. It may also cause the skin to become flaky and dry out. Hard water irritates individual hair shafts and makes them scratchy and […]

What’s The Safest Drinking Water?

Why is it important to drink good quality water? One of the main rules of health and nutrition is to drink adequate amounts of water. According to research, our body can survive weeks without any food, yet will only last a few days without water. This is because 60% of our body is made out […]

Alkaline Water Why So Popular?

Why is alkaline water trending? As time goes by, the retail sales of alkaline water continue to rise. Moreover, the demand is expected to increase in the future. As with every industry, the demand for alkaline water has been influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. We will tell you why this demand is increasing, and how […]