Health Benefits Drinking Quality Water

Quality water boosts health and immunity Our body’s immune system is the first line of defense against diseases. Water is one of our secret weapons for staying healthy. When we want to boost our immunity, adequate rest, healthy eating, stress-free life, and enough vitamins come to mind. You are advised to drink plenty of fluids, […]

Does Water Have Calories?

Does Water Have Calories? It is common to celebrate water’s purity and nourishing qualities, making it the most basic and essential liquid. However some would ask does water have calories. Although the majority of us are aware that water has no calories, the subject of water and its calorie content continues to be interesting due […]

Water Softener Service and Repair Winnipeg

When you talk about water softener service and repair Winnipeg you can count on Affordable Water Treatments to meet your needs. We can usually fix just about any water system providing we can get parts, and it is still supported by the manufacture.  Service is a series of planned or routine activities performed on a […]

Grey Water or Green Water?

What is gray water and what is green water? As you’ve probably guessed, there are significant differences between the two types of water. Although both are recycled water, their purposes and the processes they undergo differ. How do companies collect water and use gray or green water in their operations? Here’s what you need to know: What is Grey Water? Greywater refers to the wastewater generated in households or commercial buildings that comes from non-toilet fixtures. This […]

The History of Water Purification Systems

Ancient Maya Water Purification System The first documented use of water treatment was in around 1500 BC. by the Egyptians. They mainly used heating methods to purify water. They alternated between sunlight, fire and red-hot iron. In addition, they used sophisticated sand and gravel techniques to clean the water. The next time we hear of water purification were the Greeks in 500 BC. to 500 AD. In fact, Hippocrates created a fairly sophisticated system that worked […]

Do Water Filter Systems Reduce Water Pressure

Do Water Filter systems Reduce Water Pressure? Many people with well water or municipal water with heavy minerals, consider getting whole house water filter system. However, if you are toying with this idea you may wonder what the filter will do to your water pressure. So can you have a water filter without having water […]

Well Maintenance & Testing

Owning a property that draws groundwater from a private well can feel like a lot of pressure (no joke intended). Many people have questions about how to maintain acceptable water quality while avoiding health and safety concerns. The monitoring situation of well owners is very different from that of municipal water users. Local governments have […]

Heavy Metals in Water

Exploring the Impacts of Heavy Metals on Water Heavy metals in water are a silent threat that should not be overlooked. Heavy metals are typically found in the environment and can be hazardous to human health if ingested or inhaled. While heavy metals are naturally occurring, they can also be released into the environment through […]

Drinking Water Reduces Heart Disease

Drinking enough water is important for maintaining adequate hydration, which promotes optimal functioning of all body systems, including the heart. It helps transport nutrients, regulate body temperature, cushion joints and eliminate waste. Adequate hydration can also indirectly contribute to heart health by supporting general well-being How Does Drinking Water Reduce Heart Disease? Drinking water is […]

Salt-Free Water Softeners, Do They Work?

Salt-free water softeners, do they work you ask? Salt-free water softeners are in fact a water conditioner, not a water softener as the name implies, because it doesn’t remove anything from the water. The two minerals that cause water to be hard are called calcium, and magnesium, which a traditional water softener removes to soften […]