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Clack Chemical Free Sulphur/Iron Filter

Iron Filter
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How Does It Work?

In years gone by the solution we had for removing iron, hydrogen sulfide gas and manganese from your well water was to use harsh, expensive chemicals which over time had an adverse effect on the environment. The solution we use today is chemical free and environmentally friendly, instead of adding dangerous chemicals into the soil.

The chemical free Iron Filter puts the water through an oxidation process, which turns the iron and hydrogen sulfide gas into a solid so it can be caught in the media tank. When the media tank is full it is flushed out during the regeneration process somewhere between 3 to 5 days on average .

A pocket of air, which is created by your well pressure, forms in the top part of the media tank. As the water first enters the Iron Filter it passes through the air pocket, oxidizing the iron and H2S turning it into a solid, that is the process to put it simply. Of course it’s a little more complex than that but this gives you a good idea how the filter works.    

How a Iron Filter Works

Why A Chemical Free Iron Filter?

  • Perfect if want to solve your sulphur/iron problem with the least amount of on-going expense.

  • Power cell backup to retain settings and time during power interruptions so you don’t need to reset the clock.

  • Chemical Free System – much friendlier on your septic system compared to Greensand chemical iron filters.

  • Includes air injection system as an oxidizer so there is no need for any expensive ozone generator

  • Removes up to 4 ppm sulphur and 10 ppm iron, you get two filters in one!

  • Fully compatible with Constant Pressure and Jet Pumps

  • Available from 1 cubic foot up to 3 cubic feet for commercial applications

  • Whole House Filter

  • Fully Automatic system

  • Bypass Valve included

  • Electronically Controlled Valve

  • Clack Water Treatment Valves used exclusively

  • Tech can disassemble Valve in 5 minutes, for easy service to save your family money

  • Our Valves use no nuts, bolts, screws or springs so they are easier to service