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How Do I Know if I Have Iron in My Water?

Manitoba has some very high levels of iron depending on where you happen to be situated in the province. Along with iron, you may have manganese which is a sister element commonly found with iron. If that wasn’t enough, many people will have a rotten egg smell coming out of the well which is hydrogen […]

What Type Of Water Softener Salt Is Best?

What are the different water softener salts available? They are as follows: Rock Salt Solar Salt: salt produced from the evaporation seawater In Manitoba rock salt (also known as halite) is slightly cheaper than solar salt but contains more insoluble material. As a result, solar salts keep your water softener cleaner. The type of salt […]

Hard Water vs Soft Water

In looking at the things that hard water does in your home let’s first look at what makes water hard. There are many minerals found in hard water, however, the two minerals that build up to create what is called lime or calcium buildups are calcium and magnesium. You probably recognize them as minerals that are used in […]

Why is My Reverse Osmosis Water Flow Slow

Why is Your Reverse Osmosis Water Flow Slow? Many people consider reverse osmosis systems as the best water filtration systems out there. Many experts agree that it’s one of the most efficient systems for water purification. It removes all types of contaminants, including dirt particles, pesticides, nitrates, bacteria, fluoride, arsenic, sulphates, pharmaceuticals, and many more. […]

What Water Filter is Good For Iron?

Water Filters & Iron Many homeowners with wells have experienced high iron water, which is a frustrating problem. The water leaves ugly stains on your appliances, is discoloured, and is a breeding ground for nasty iron bacteria. Water treatment experts agree that iron is one of the most common issues that they are often called […]

Water Smells Like Rotten Eggs

Why does the water smell like rotten eggs? Sometimes the smell that comes from your tap water can be so potent it becomes intolerable. This smell is similar to that of rotten eggs. In this case, your water likely contains hydrogen sulphide gas.  This is a common problem experienced by many households, particularly those that […]

Can A Water Softener Cause Water Pressure Issues?

Hard water problems are increasing in Manitoba, and as most people know the most reliable way to bring the water from hard to soft is with a water softener. That being the case the number of water softeners in Manitoba has risen over the years. In some cases, there is a concern from some homeowners […]

Water Softener Service Flow Rate

What is the Service Flow Rate? The number of gallons per minute of softened water that a softener can produce is considered to be the service flow rate. You see, water softening isn’t an instant process. The water needs to be in contact with the softening resin long enough for the process to be completed. […]

Water Softener Capacity

Water Softener Capacity What Does Water Softener Capacity Mean? Water softener capacity is the amount of hardness that a softener can remove before it must go through a regeneration cycle. As your home’s water flows through the softener, the softening resin grabs onto hardness minerals, Calcium & magnesium, removing them from going into your home. […]


In my day-to-day interaction with customers here at Affordable Water Treatments, the questions and concerns people have when purchasing a new water softener/filter become pretty commonplace in the conversations I have daily. As a service provider in water treatment/purification, I have heard the same questions time and time again so I decided to write an […]