Blue-Green Staining What’s The Problem

Does the  porcelain around your faucets Have Blue-Green Staining? The corrosion of copper pipes or fixtures results in a blue-green staining one the porcelain around your faucets. The main reason is an incorrect pH balance in your water. Homeowners can face many issues connected to the corrosion of copper pipes. Your water can be tested […]

The Benefit of Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

What is a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter? Reverse osmosis has also become the water purification method of choice for drinking water in many households and bottling plants throughout the world. The benefits of reverse osmosis water is that it is the best and most efficient method to get pure and tasty water from polluted and […]

Drinking Water Systems

Reverse Osmosis HOW DO REVERSE OSMOSIS Drinking Water Systems WORK? The Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water systems purify water by forcing pressurized water through a very fine, plastic membrane. Clean water passes through and impurities that are too big to pass through the membrane are left behind and flushed away. STAGES OF REVERSE OSMOSIS During the […]

What is a Water Softener Jacket

The benefits of a water softener tank jacket You may have noticed that your water softener is sweating. This sweat may run off the tank and destroy the floor around your water softener. A water softener jacket is the best way to solve this issue: Why is your water softener tank sweating? Condensation leads to […]

Iron Filter/Manganese/H2S Filter

Clack Chemical Free Sulphur/Iron Filter How Does It Work? In years gone by the solution we had for removing iron, hydrogen sulphide gas and manganese from your well water was to use harsh, expensive chemicals which over time had an adverse effect on the environment. The solution we use today is an Iron Filter/Manganese/H2S Filter […]

When Were Water Softeners Invented?

A Brief History Of The Water Softener In Manitoba, water softeners are very common because of the level of hardness in our water. Although most rural homes on well water today have a water softener, this was not always the case. So the question is when were water softeners invented?. How & When Were Water Softeners […]

Safely Remove Fluoride in Water

Should You Remove Fluoride from Our Drinking Water Fluoride is added to piped public water supplies as a public health measure and the question is should you remove fluoride in water? Many scientists agree that adding fluoride to drinking water prevents and controls dental decay. Dentists universally regard fluoride as beneficial for oral health because […]

Well Contaminated with Floodwater?

Many people want to own homes next to lakes and rivers. You can enjoy several perks living next to a large water body, one of which is watching a breathtaking sunset or sunrise on the patio of your house. If you have a boat or kayak, you can launch it right from your property. However, […]

The water Softener Brine Tank Keeps Overflowing

Why your water softener brine tank keeps overflowing Once in a while, you may experience water flowing from your water softener brine tank to the floor of your utility room or wherever you have placed your filter. What should you do? If your water softener brine tank overflows; it does not necessarily mean that you […]

Signs of Hard Water on Hair & Skin

The water in your house may be the reason why you suffer from itchy skin and dry hair. So what are the signs of hard water on hair and skin?  Hard water can transform your hair from soft and smooth to rough and brittle. It may also cause the skin to become flaky and dry […]