Affordable Water Treatments of Manitoba

Clack WS1 Deluxe Metered Water Softener

  • Industry-leading Clack WS1 Valve for easy parts availability 

  • Gets rid of Calcium staining making your home easier to keep clean 

  • Perfect if on a budget and looking for a standard-efficiency water softener

  • Regenerates with soft water for better efficiency

  • Metered Softener to save salt and money by using very little salt

  • Cleans itself (regenerates) only when necessary

  • Power Cell backup retains time during power interruptions for eight hours

  • Removes clear water iron up to 1.0 ppm before you need a dedicated iron filter

  • Convenient two-piece design for easy cleaning

  • Black Neoprene Sweat Jacket available to minimize damage from sweating

  • Long-lasting Black Brine Tank included

  • Available from 30,000 to 90,000 grain capacity

  • Convenient Bypass valve included for flexibility

  • Electronically controlled valve to save you  money through efficiency and reliability

  • Manufactured by Clack Corporation Distributed by Waterite Technologies Inc. A Canadian Company

  • Flow rates of up to 27 GPM and is compatible with  1″ plumbing

  • Tech can disassemble Valve in 5 minutes, for easy service to save your family money

  • Valves use no nuts, bolts, screws, or springs for easy service & maintenance