Blue-Green Staining What’s The Problem

Does the  porcelain around your faucets Have Blue-Green Staining? The corrosion of copper pipes or fixtures results in a blue-green staining one the porcelain around your faucets. The main reason is an incorrect pH balance in your water. Homeowners can face many issues connected to the corrosion of copper pipes. Your water can be tested […]

Well Contaminated with Floodwater?

Many people want to own homes next to lakes and rivers. You can enjoy several perks living next to a large water body, one of which is watching a breathtaking sunset or sunrise on the patio of your house. If you have a boat or kayak, you can launch it right from your property. However, […]

What To Do About Tannins In Your Groundwater

Tannins in Groundwater Any rural homeowner will tell you the challenges they encounter when using well water. Most city residents get their water supply through government-regulated facilities responsible for the quality and safety of their water. Anyone with a home that uses water supplied by a well is directly responsible for regulating and treating their […]

What Are The Benefits of Using a UV Water Filter?

UV water filters what you need to know Typically, water passes through several tests before it is supplied to our homes. The local municipalities employ different treatment methods to make water fit for use. However, there may be several accidents or leakages that add impurities to the water. For homeowners who use private wells, the […]

UV Purification Systems & How They Work

Why do they make UV Purification Systems for Water? Before it is delivered to our homes, water is typically subjected to a battery of rigorous inspections. This is done so they know what filters have to be put in place to purify the water and make it suitable for consumption.  Depending on where you’re located […]

How to Remove Limescale From Your Home

How Provent and Remove Limescale from Your Home One of the drawbacks of having hard water in your home is the formation of calcium carbonate, often known as limescale. Examples of minerals that contribute to the hardness of water are magnesium and calcium ions. As water evaporates, these two minerals are left behind and mixed […]