Carbon Filter Water Treatment Explained

Water treatment is important. Small impurities can make the water undrinkable, cause disease, and cause many household and health problems. Carbon water filtration is an effective and useful option; Learning a little more about it can help you determine if it works for you. What is Carbon Filter Water Treatment? Carbon filter water purification is […]

Water Softener Maintenance

Water Softener Maintenance Before I begin I want to point out that if you do any water softener maintenance or repair work yourself check your owner’s manual so you don’t void any warranties which may create more problems that you don’t want. At Affordable Water our trained professionals can repair any problems you may have […]

Signs of Iron Water

Manitoba has some very high levels of iron depending on where you happen to be situated in the province. Although not always  you can often see signs of iron water. Along with iron, you may have manganese which is a sister element commonly found with iron. If that wasn’t enough, many people will have a rotten […]

What Type Of Water Softener Salt Is Best?

When you live in an area that has hard water it is inportant to remove the hardness so you won’t distroy your plumbing fixtures and water appliances throughout your home. The most common and economical way of doing this is with a water softener. It is inportant that when you own a water softener that […]

Hard Water vs Soft Water

Whats The difference Between Hard & Soft Water Have you ever wondered if it makes a difference when using hard water vs soft water when it comes to cleaning? Water has been tagged the universal solvent because it can dissolve and absorb many of the minerals and chemicals it comes in contact with. Water by […]

Water Softener Causing Low Water Pressure?

Hard water problems are increasing in Manitoba, and as most people know the most reliable way to bring the water from hard to soft is with a water softener. That being the case the number of water softeners in Manitoba has risen over the years. In some cases, there is a concern from homeowners on […]

Water Softener Service Flow Rate

What is the Service Flow Rate? The number of gallons per minute of softened water that a softener can produce is considered to be the water softener service flow rate. Water softening isn’t an instant process. The water needs to be in contact with the softening resin long enough for the process to be completed. […]

Water Softener Capacity

What Does Water Softener Capacity Mean? Water softener capacity is the amount of hardness that a softener can remove before it must go through a regeneration cycle. As your home’s water flows through the softener, the softening resin grabs onto hardness minerals, Calcium & magnesium, removing them from going into your home. Eventually, the resin […]