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Why is alkaline water trending?

As time goes by, the retail sales of alkaline water continue to rise. Moreover, the demand is expected to increase in the future. As with every industry, the demand for alkaline water has been influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. We will tell you why this demand is increasing, and how much it is forecasted to rise in the near future.

Why is alkaline water popular?

Not long ago, around 2015, alkaline water’s retail sales were only as high as US$ 95 million. As the years went by, people became more health-conscious, which led to increased demand, resulting in higher sales.

According to Zenith Global, the global sales of alkaline water increased by 18% a year, and in 2017 the sales reached an all-time high of US$631 million. This is a far cry from what it was in 2015. The industry has shown a growth of 10% a year since 2013 and has continued to accelerate in recent years.

The largest market in the industry is in the Asia Pacific. However, the increasing demand in North America is worth watching as sales have continued to grow by more than 40% each year since 2013.

Beverage Marketing Corp., which is an industry authority, has forecasted that the retail sales of alkaline water will increase to US$ 1.3 billion by the year 2023. This represents a fifth of the entire value-added category.

Is Alkaline Water Good for You?

Alkaline water contains a pH of between 7 to 10. The product is developed by either using a naturally high pH source or enhancing it during processing to create an increased pH. Alkaline water is advertised as a healthy lifestyle product costing more than double the price of regular packaged water.

Alkaline water displays several consumer trends. It’s marketed as bottled water with added value which adheres to consumers’ desires for premium products. The product displayed impressive growth. The popularity of alkaline water has been influenced by several wellness and health drivers with a broadened consumer appeal.

Food PH Chart
Food PH Chart

Alkaline water market share

Currently, the largest market for alkaline water is the Asia Pacific. However, areas with the most considerable growth rate include North America and Western Europe. The growth rate of alkaline water in Asia pacific is at 3%, whereas North America shows a growth rate of 40% and Europe 50%.

In North America, the popularity of alkaline water has increased due to its transformation from a niche sector into one that has mass appeal. The beverage now has an available position and drive from several key brands like Core and Essentia. Furthermore, Coca-Cola launched into the industry with smart water alkaline, further progressing its popularity in the beverage industry.

Bottled Water
Bottled Water

Covid-19 and the rise in demand for alkaline water

In several industries, Covid-19 has led to the creation of several retail opportunities. One such industry is water. People worldwide continue to become more health-conscious, and they are looking to consume healthier products.

Ten years ago most people were not aware of the existence of alkaline water or the health benefits of drinking it. However, the product now has traction in many different markets and countries around the globe. There are several benefits to this product. For example, alkaline water can regulate the human body’s natural pH level and make sure it stays right, especially when one consumes an acidic diet. It also promotes quicker rehydration of the body during and after exercising.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there have been changes in consumer habits. More people are focusing on living healthy, taking care of their bodies, and boosting their immunities. Health consciousness has provided an excellent incentive for companies manufacturing alkaline water.

Alkaline water & Digestion

The human body’s pH is 7.365, and this needs to be maintained for proper functioning. Consuming acidic foods such as sugars, coffee, and processed meat might alter this pH balance. As soon as that occurs, the body will work hard to try and regulate the pH balance. Alkaline water can help your body maintain normal pH levels. The water will introduce a higher pH into the body and help increase the low pH brought about by acidic foods, establishing the natural balance. The alkaline water will also deactivate pepsin, the main enzyme involved in acid reflux.

Besides helping to balance pH, alkaline water also enhances the absorption of minerals by the body because the water has high oxygen content. Minerals are crucial for the well-functioning of the body. In case of mineral shortage such as calcium, the body might get its content from the bones, weakening them in the process. If this happens progressively, it may lead to acute problems later in life. Many adults in America already have bone-related ailments. The main reason for this is excessive phosphorus, mainly found in sodas, which averts calcium absorption in the body.

How to Make Alkaline Water using Reverse Osmosis

There are a few different ways to get alkaline water in your home besides buying it in a bottle. One of the most economical ways is to add a high alkaline water filter to your existing reverse osmosis system. In doing so when the water runs through this filter it will raise the pH of the water making it healthier for you to consume.

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